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To help you save the time from design to production, please read the following carefully before you choose our design service.

1. Material to be prepared before design

1) The necessary written materials, pictures, and LOGO source files. All the text that you need on the screen, please sort them out according to the content you need, and give them to us in the word document. .

 2) On the screen requires all specified "pictures" used please put them in the form of screenshots interspersed into the word document, so let us know: you give us the picture of what the text is used to match. And the pictures of the original package sent to us. (Note: here said the "specified picture" refers to some unique pictures, you need to book such as photos of people, photos, products and so on, these pictures are unique to you, the network can not get to, and the picture quality should be clear, or that the picture printing quality is fuzzy).

3) If there is no picture, can let us design drawings according to the content on the screen. But copywriting must be provided by the customer.

2. Draft design requirements

The picture will be provided maximum 2 drafts of the design. (Customer could ask for the second draft if the first draft would be not available, but we require providing specific comment for revising)


3. Delivery for draft

The timing is calculated since getting all original material.

For different products, the draft design should be submitted within 3 days

For urgent requirement we will have special arrangement.


4. Please make sure all data material you provided must be correct and in legal.

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